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    Print Collateral

    Reboot originally contacted Emerson Stone in 2014 to assist with rebranding and identity as the company was starting to grow and mature. The initial project started a multi-year relationship, with Emerson Stone helping support marketing efforts, publication design, brand collateral and website design. Over the last three years, Emerson Stone has designed multiple books for Reboot, created promotional material for each of the bootcamps, and managed production at every stage. 


    The Reboot identity and rebrand was meant to represent a calm, collected and balanced organization that supported everyone they came into contact with. The color palette of muted blues and teals was paired with a modern type treatment and subtle patterns so the focus would always be on the content. To represent the balanced nature of Reboot, the mark was created out of a symmetric pattern of concentric circles—showing equal balance on all sides. The symbol was influenced by the concept in physics of Standing Waves, creating a neutral point of balance where every amplitude is given equal resonance. 

    ceo bootcamp logo design

    The initial Reboot rebrand included explorations of various products and marketing collateral that could be given out during coaching sessions or weekend bootcamps. Instead of disposable goods that would be discarded after one or two uses, the products created for Reboot were intended to be reused time and again—this included metal water bottles, canvas tote bags, and informational books. The products were given out to existing clients, not to generate more revenue, but to remind the clients that Reboot was always there to support them and their business. 

    ceo bootcamp logo design

    Over the last three years, Emerson Stone has designed books to augment bootcamps, inform one-on-one coaching, and celebrate the founders’ love of poetry and prose. The books, ranging from one-hundred to three-hundred pages each, were all printed on recycled paper in Boulder, Colorado. 

    CEO bootcamp print handbook design mockup.
    CEO bootcamp poem book design.

    The new Reboot website was created to bring the entire brand online and create a single resource for all of the content created by the founders, team and coaches. The Reboot website collects all of the interviews and podcasts from Jerry Colonna and the team along with serving as a publishing platform for new original works. Given the number of pages and unique pieces of content, navigation was a key focus at every stage of design. 

    The aesthetic of the site was intended to feel welcoming for first-time visitors while also creating a calming space for existing customers who wanted to spend time on the educational content. Each piece of content, whether a written post or embedded podcast, links off to similar pieces of content so there is never a dead end in the user experience. This recommendation system is powered by a deep tagging and category system within the site’s content management system. 

    CEO bootcamp website ux/ui design.


    Throughout the years, Emerson Stone has created a variety of deliverables, from the original branding package to custom collateral for each bootcamp. Throughout every project, Emerson Stone has managed the print production and logistics to ensure both timely delivery and quality. 

    For the website design, Emerson Stone worked closely with Reboot’s internal developers to create functional systems and templates that could scale across the dozens of pages around the site. The entire design process was created with multiple screen sizes in mind and included mockups for mobile, tablet and large-format displays. Throughout the development phase, Emerson Stone collaborated with Reboot to ensure a successful site launch.


    Over the last few years, Reboot has grown by leaps and bounds, growing their staff and team of coaches. The brand and systems created by Emerson Stone have continued to scale smoothly with the growth, with highly-positive reaction from Reboot’s customers and clients. 

    The original hoodies and bags created for the first bootcamp in 2014 are still seen throughout Boulder and Denver at tech meetups, and the Reboot brand is always present. The design for the new Reboot website was launched at the end of 2016 with a series of new educational content on the site. The systems and templates created for the original Reboot pages have proven extremely flexible for the list of new and growing content. 

    As 2017 begins, Emerson Stone is starting on a new series of development tasks with Reboot that will be announced soon.