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    Know your food

    Nima Sensor

    Instructional Design for Nima®, a portable gluten sensor

    Product Design
    Interface Design
    App Design

    Emerson Stone was introduced to Nima through friends of Foundry Group in 2016. Nima was looking for a design agency to help with instructional design for their hardware along with some custom icons to go on their small LED display. The hardware display was a small 24x100 pixel screen, so real-estate and resolution were fixed limitations.

    Nima gluten sensor instructional menu design ideas and sketches.
    Nima gluten sensor icons
    nima gluten sensor packaging design

    Throughout the project, Emerson Stone created technical illustrations and instructional design that Nima used in its final packaging for the hardware. The illustrations were tested with user groups and refined over the course of a few months—updating the perspective on the hardware and revising copy.

    Nima gluten sensor instructional menu design.
    Nima gluten sensor instruction menu design.

    Emerson Stone worked with Nima in the early stages of development, so there were no final photographs of the hardware. Emerson Stone created unique illustrations that showed off how the hardware fit together in a realistic setting. The illustration was completed in Photoshop without the aid of CAD or 3D software.

    Nima product in 3D

    Nima has now launched their product and offers food testing for various food allergens. The work done by Emerson Stone has helped influence other portions of the packaging and product design.

    Nima is a registered trademark of Nima Labs, Inc.