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    Effortlessly Track Your Energy Usage


    Copper Knows Energy

    Creative Direction
    Marketing Collateral
    Product Design

    The team at Emerson Stone was approached by Copper to help with branding, illustration, initial marketing materials and user-experience research. At the time, Copper was just in early-beta with the industrial design still in progress. The beta hardware of Copper could be plugged in to a wall outlet and then monitor all energy usage throughout the house by communicating with the energy meter. The device updated every minute, so it was easy to see the impact of turning on the AC, starting the microwave or even turning off the lights around the house. 

    Copper Logo

    At the earliest stage of the company, Emerson Stone led the initial branding exercises to ensure the Copper brand matched all of the industrial design. The designers worked closely with the industrial design team at Curio, sharing sketches and type treatments across 2D and 3D prototypes. 

    Copper Concept

    Emerson Stone also conducted in-person user-experience research to learn how consumers would use Copper in their homes and also discover the hidden benefits of the product. Copper is such a new concept in the world of personal trackers, that the research helped inform the copywriting, benefits and pitch for the overall product. 

    After many iterations and updates to the design, a final brand and art direction was established by the teams. Copper is now in wide release and can be purchased from their site.

    smart home application trifold design.
    smart home application trifold brochure design.