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    Case Study No. 4

    Bespoke Edge

    Style Meets Substance

    Bespoke Edge
    Website Design
    Print Collateral
    Creative Direction

    Bespoke Edge contacted Emerson Stone for a custom and purpose-built identity to match their product offering and customer promise. The initial identity and branding work spun into additional marketing collateral, print design and a website. Over the last three years, Emerson Stone has continued to support Bespoke Edge as the business has flourished throughout Colorado and into Arizona with hand-built, American-made clothing that looks great. 


    Bespoke Edge is run by Ron Wagner and his two sons out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Many of his clients will order from Bespoke Edge for years, so the brand needed to evolve throughout the relationship, from a professional first-impression to a familiar follow-up message. After trying different approaches to make this work with one logo, it was eventually decided to have three different marks that represent the entire Bespoke Edge brand at different points in the customer lifecycle. 

    The primary logo is set in a modern European sans serif that evokes professionalism, quality and a clean-cut aesthetic. This logo appears at the top of the website, marketing collateral, gift cards and business cards. More than anything, it’s meant to be the foundation of the brand that everyone can reference when recommending Bespoke Edge to a friend or colleague. 

    men's fashion branding logo design
    Bespoke Edge desgin.

    The secondary and tertiary marks are only used in particular situations, and only after the customer has encountered the primary Bespoke Edge logomark. The script logo is meant to replace a handwritten signature and is often used on thank-you cards sent out to existing clients or on the inside suit tag. The original script is meant to showcase the human aspect of the brand and how the clothing is custom made by master tailors. In many ways, this script is less of a logo and more of a signature for the brand. 

    men's fashion brand script logo

    The final mark is used as a punctuation for the rest of the identity and brand as a clever monogram for print and digital situations. The only place that it exists on the website is right above the footer and a custom design detail that reminds users they are dealing with Bespoke Edge and a company who cares about how they look from every angle. Altogether, the three marks make up every possible use case of the brand and show that there can be a “custom option” for every situation just like the clothing. 

    men's fashion logo design

    Bespoke Edge men's fashion brand identity business card design

    While the branding influenced the entire art direction across the site and printed materials—from typeface to color schemes—the site felt a little too static when we only relied on photography. The photographs were great for showing off individual pieces created for clients, but there were many areas on the site that still needed educational content to explain the process of getting a custom shirt or suit. In order to modernize and humanize the brand, a character was created that could do everything from explain different tie knots to how to make the perfect Manhattan. The design of the Bespoke Edge tailor was influenced by classic fashion-sketches of the 1960s with well-fitted and sophisticated suits. The tailor pops up throughout the website and marketing collateral, always doing his best to be helpful and aspirational. 

    men's fashion website illustration.

    The website was designed and developed by Emerson Stone in a modular fashion that allows for simple creation of additional pages and content by the Bespoke Edge team. A large portion of new business in the last few years has come through unique content pieces on the site—like peak vs. lapel or two vs. three button suits—and the Bespoke Edge team continues to put out new content every single week through the custom CMS. Through partnerships with local photographers, Bespoke Edge has great photography of their work that really elevates the quality and perception of the entire brand. When paired with the modern site design, the entire brand is elevated to a higher quality. 

    Bespoke Edge men's fashion website user interface design.


    The new brand, website, character, and marketing collateral were launched immediately for the Bespoke Edge team to use. Shirt and suit labels were created using the new logo to develop a consistent look and feel across their product line. 

    Emerson Stone's creative direction for the marketing collateral has served the brand well as a foundation to create new materials, ads and promotional items. During the rollout of the new brand, Emerson Stone worked closely with Bespoke Edge to ensure a consistent and and successful launch.

    men's fashion brand promotional designs
    men's fashion brand


    Since the rebrand by Emerson Stone, Bespoke Edge has grown significantly, growing their team and expanding their services throughout the Colorado Front Range and recently to Phoenix, Arizona. The brand has continued to prove it's robust ability to scale and work well in a variety of situations from digital to print to clothing labels. The new brand has given Bespoke Edge the ability and elevated professionalism to stand out of the crowd, just like their clothing.

    Moving forward, Emerson Stone will continue work with Bespoke Edge fine-tuning digital marketing efforts and further exploration into the illustrated character.

    men's fashion brand identity