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    User Experience

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    User Research
    From user interviews to surveys, analytics reviews, and user testing, our user experience team uses both quantitative and qualitative research to define user goals. A clear understanding of our end user allows our team to deliver on a true user-centric strategy.
    Persona Creation
    To aid with the product design and development, we create an illustrative persona that captures your audience’s behavior including demographics, behavior, needs, and key preferences.
    Product Ideation Workshop
    When defining a new product there are a lot of different paths you can take. A product ideation workshop is a forum where we brainstorm new ideas grounded in user goals. This sticky-note heavy exercise results in a prioritization framework that allows us to prioritize features based on user value, business goals and level of effort to build.
    Site Architecture / Site Map
    Like building a house, we need to establish a foundational structure for the new site, app or product. This new site map will establish the core navigation, templates and functionality required.
    User Flows
    For e-commerce or web app products a user flow is a helpful illustrative step-by-step process showing how users accomplish key tasks. These user flows quickly identify opportunities to streamline and simplify steps a user would take for accomplishing key tasks.
    Prototype Development
    For complex products or multiple state experiences, our user experience team develops InVision prototypes to illustrate functionality. Our prototypes give users and development teams a cost-effective, hands-on experience of what to expect in the final product, allowing for new ideas to quickly come to light.
    Wireframe Creation
    For larger site redesigns our user experience team documents templates in wireframes before starting design. These deliverables are typically sans visual elements and focus on page hierarchy, structure and functionality, including page states based on permission level and error state.
    Functional Requirements
    Upon completion of our user experience phase, our team documents functional requirements prior to development. These requirements provide development teams with a basis of front-end and backend functionality required to complete core user flows and templates.

    Recent Projects

    We partner with brands across many different industries, including automotive, education, machine learning and travel.