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    What we can do



    Often times going from zero to one is an ambiguous and difficult stage for any company to navigate. At Emerson Stone, we understand that creating a strong foundation is the key to success for any project.


    A successful brand must be able to communicate effectively. We can provide the platform for your brand and company to grow.

    Consulting & Product Prototyping

    In addition to full-scale branding, design, and development, we can help launch your new startup idea, explore new ventures, or guide you through digital transformation.

    Interface Design

    Whether it’s leveraging existing guidelines or creating new ones, our interface design is beautiful, responsive, and is built with the user in mind.

    Communication & Production Design

    Good design always tells a story. Our team of experts can translate your brand across multiple mediums: print, packaging, and digital.


    Every line of code we write gets the same level of detail as our designs. We create applications that are clean, scalable and meet your business’s needs as you grow.

    Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

    Our design team brings immersive experiences to life through immersive architectural renderings, games, concert experiences to hands-on education training.

    User Experience

    Grounded in research and strategy we take a user-centric approach to designing products that are simple and easy to use.

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    Not sure what you need?

    Our team has broad capabilities across traditional and digital mediums and we’re always happy to help. Visit our contact us page or drop us a line to see how.