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    A collection of essays focused on design and running an agency. Along with research pieces, we also share client and experimental work.
    Andy Stone Emerson Stone
    Andy Stone Partner at Emerson Stone

    Events, Press and Interviews From the Last Year

    2017 has been a whirlwind of a year for the agency, from nearly doubling staff to working on more national-scale projects. Emerson Stone is growing in many ways across the brand, contributions to the design community and in the types of projects that the team focuses on.

    National Bike Challenge Emerson Stone App
    Andy Stone Partner at Emerson Stone

    A Letter to the National Bike Challenge Community

    For the last eight months, we have been hard at work on the new National Bike Challenge that you are using now. As the site itself does not speak to the human side of the project, we're here to talk a bit about this year’s challenge.

    Andy Stone Partner at Emerson Stone

    Addressing Fear and Creating Proximity in Virtual Reality

    This article is a follow up to our last piece about Creating User-Interfaces for Virtual Reality and the difficulties in designing for a wholly new platform.

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