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    Events, Press and Interviews From the Last Year

    2017 has been a whirlwind of a year for the agency, from nearly doubling staff to working on more national-scale projects. Emerson Stone is growing in many ways across the brand, contributions to the design community and in the types of projects that the team focuses on.

    Andy Stone Partner at Emerson Stone

    Emerson Stone has always given equal weight to design and engineering—we believe that it is what makes us unique—but we’ve also been able to take more on strategic projects this year with companies like CableLabs, Nordic Ice and CU Boulder. 

    So many different events and engagements happen throughout the year that we often forget to take a moment and celebrate everything that has happened. This article is just as much for us as it is for you—we want to make sure we don’t lose sight of what makes this work special to us. 


    Month of Modern 2017

    Andy Stone spoke about the importance of “designing for delight” in a talk given at Month of Modern this year. The talk, and subsequent panel, was held at Galvanize Boulder to a packed house of attendees. 

    Andy Stone Emersonstone

    Denver Startup Week

    Andy was on a panel of designers, engineers and business leaders to discuss the impact of virtual reality on different markets, including real estate, architecture, therapy and entertainment. While every panelist came to the event with different experiences, Andy’s work came from an angle of teaching users through spatial awareness and lighting.

    Andy Stone Emerson Stone

    Caffeinated Mornings June 2017

    Brett, Jamie and Andy led a talk for Boulder’s Caffeinated Mornings back in June to talk on the topic of “design isn’t pretty.” The discussion focused on Emerson Stone’s belief that design must always serve a purpose and solve a problem, and that aesthetics have to come secondary on that necessary. While we love great type and beautiful illustration, solving practical issues for companies is at the core of what we do. 

    Design Collab 2016 | Designing for Virtual Reality

    Andy gave a talk about the needs and concerns of designing for virtual reality—hosted at the Emerson Stone office. The talk revolved around looking to inspiration from architecture and environmental design, as well as focusing on the needs of the user through strong typographic hierarchies. 


    The Denver Egotist

    The Denver Egotist covered the launch of the new Emerson Stone site back in March.

    Emerson Stone


    Typewolf featured the launch of the new Emerson Stone site to show off the type used on the site. We’re using Domaine (our brand type), as well as Publico and Revisal fonts.

    Emerson Stone Typography

    Communication Arts

    Communication Arts interviewed the team about the mid-century design inspiration that went into the new Emerson Stone site. 

    “Our lead developer ended up creating custom workarounds for the Craft platform and published his findings after the site went live—the article is currently getting a lot of attention around the Craft community as it solved a number of development problems.” Implementing its own strategy when creating sites, Emerson Stone reused twenty modular components throughout the site and four unique ones to let its design team quickly create new pages while keeping a consistent look and feel.
    Emerson Stone Website


    Talking Shop | Cushion


    Jamie Emerson and Andy Stone were interviewed by Carly Ayres to discuss the ups and downs of starting and agency, along with what the future of growth would look like for the company. 

    "After a while, your fortés start to emerge and you go after more projects that align with those."

    Designing for Virtual Reality | UX Design


    Andy Stone was interviewed alongside Mike Alger—currently the leading voice for design in virtual reality by UX Design. The interview covered the strengths and weaknesses of the industry, along with understanding the greatest challenges for both designer and consumers. 

    “Through our own research, and looking across the industry, it’s amazing to see how much of Google Material plays within the virtual space. It was cute and useful for mobile/web design, but it feels completely at home within VR — the interplay of shadows and depth are actually usable within a full virtual space. I think that the current stage of VR/AR is still very demo-heavy as people are understanding what the technology can really do.”

    We’re so excited about everything that 2018 holds for us as an agency. If you’d like to talk with the team about a project that you’re working on, please get in touch. Andy Stone will be speaking about branding for AIGA Denver later this month. Follow along with Emerson Stone on Twitter and Instagram to know about the newest events. 

    Andy Stone Partner at Emerson Stone
    Andy is one of three partners at the design agency Emerson Stone in Boulder, Colorado. Over the last decade, he’s led projects in print and digital design for both startups and national brands, including Adobe, Polaroid and Travel Channel.