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    Blue Wave. Designing for a Political Movement.

    Design might save the world, right after rock and roll does.

    Andy Stone Partner at Emerson Stone

    The last two years have made political pundits out of friends, family and coworkers. It feels like political conversation dominates the news cycle and the water cooler most weeks. Over the last year and a half, there has also been a shift in the people that are a part of this conversation. It’s no longer relegated to the “old guard” or the established politicians. More people are becoming involved, more women are running, more veterans are running and more people of color are running for office at every level of government. 

    Of those running for office, the last few special elections and primary elections have been going to more progressive candidates than in years past. These candidates represent a change in the political conversation, and the success of their campaigns is called the Blue Wave. The conversation around #bluewave has encouraged new voices to join the political conversation, and it is a positive move towards making our government more representative of what our country looks like—people from every walk of life, every creed, every race knows that they have a voice. 

    Emersonstone Bluewave Socialmediaposts 08

    Early sketches and concepts for the Blue Wave | Emerson Stone 2018

    This Blue Wave movement feels like a change in the conversation, but there isn’t a rallying symbol for the candidates to use. There isn’t a moniker for progressive voters to promote. There just isn’t a logo yet. 

    The team at Emerson Stone feels strongly that we can help promote these candidates and hopes to see a Blue Wave of campaigns across the country with candidates who promote equality, environmental stewardship, and a fair deal for all Americans. To help in the best way we know how, we’ve created a logomark for the Blue Wave. 

    Emersonstone Bluewave Socialmediaposts 07

    Blue Wave Identity | Emerson Stone 2018

    Bluewave Bumpersticker

    This design is versatile, symbolic and can evolve over time. The shape is approachable and organic, and feels less political and more like something you’d want to wear on a shirt. It can have the words stripped away to be more of a welcoming symbol for those who know it, but stays approachable for different groups. The words can also be replaced with the year, the district, the candidate or any other motto—it’s meant to grow with the movement. 

    Bluewave Enampin

    The color scheme is a mixture of different progressive and democratic backgrounds—the blue from Obama’s 2008 campaign, the dark blue of the Democratic Party, and a new lighter blue to represent the sea change of new candidates. 

    Finally, the bold and declarative shapes allow it to work anywhere from a small lapel pin to a mural on a building. We hope you enjoy our work and we’d love to start producing these items in the run up to this November. If you would would like to continue the conversation, please drop us a line or share this page with your friends. 

    From the entire Emerson Stone team, thank you

    We invite you to share your ideas how the Blue Wave identity can be used in creative ways. For any questions about the article or thoughts about your own projects, you can also reach us on Twitter or Instagram. Along with creating projects for causes that we're passionate about, we also work on design, development and strategy projects with companies around the world. You can view our work or get in touch if you'd like to work together. 

    Andy Stone Partner at Emerson Stone
    Andy is one of three partners at the design agency Emerson Stone in Boulder, Colorado. Over the last decade, he’s led projects in print and digital design for both startups and national brands, including Adobe, Polaroid and Travel Channel.