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Emerson Stone is a product-focused design agency in Boulder, Colorado. Through strong partnerships with our clients, we create beautiful brands and lasting digital applications used by millions of people around the world.

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Our Clients

We partner with brands across many different industries, including automotive, education, machine learning and travel.

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OpenSnow logo, designed by Emerson Stone
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Binocs logo, designed by Emerson Stone
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Our Latest Projects


Built for mobile, desktop and web, Binocs is your own personal search engine. It finds the exact file that you need, no matter the source, file type, or service. Binocs searches across Gmail, Dropbox, and Slack with many more integrations to come.

Emerson Stone led the product design of native apps for Binocs along with the branding, art direction, information architecture and illustrations. The goal was to create a beautiful and usable application that could find itself in daily use.

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Screenshots of Binocs personal search engine designs and interactions by Emerson Stone


Created by Joel Gratz and the OpenSnow team, OpenSummit is your own personal weather forecast for the mountains. The app showcases Colorado’s fourteeners while giving up-to-date information on lightning and weather events before they happen. The app is built to get people outdoors and keep them safe.

Emerson Stone designed the brand and mobile app for OpenSummit along with the information architecture and illustrations. The design was created within a system that allows for additional features and functionality to be added over time.

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Screenshots of the OpenSummit app designs and interactions for Joel Gratz of OpenSnow by Emerson Stone


Boulder is home to one of the largest TEDx events in the world. Built on imagination and wonder, the event hosts speakers from around the world to share their knowledge and passion.

Emerson Stone designed and developed the new site for TEDxBoulder along with the new art direction, information architecture and illustrations. The site is meant to act as a digital foundation for all future TEDxBoulder events.

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Screenshots of the TEDxBoulder website designs and interactions by Emerson Stone

Custom illustration of Chemex coffee pot by Emerson Stone

We are a team of designers and engineers with years of experience in creating digital products for both startups and global brands. Our design process is always deeply collaborative between the agency and the client, creating ownership, trust and value at every stage of a project.

Each project accepted by Emerson Stone is led by one of the agency’s partners. This allows the partner to focus on a client’s project and develop the kind of understanding normally only available by an in-house design team. We use this understanding to create consistent designs that help drive business goals now and in the future.

We believe that design is most successful when it is consistent and permanent. Over ninety percent of our clients have come back for additional projects, and we still have clients that have been with the agency since the first month. As we partner with clients, we work to support, iterate and develop valuable products for a client over time.

Right Now, We’re Working On…

An immersive VR project for the music industry

A search engine for all of your files across multiple cloud applications

A dashboard powered by machine learning for managing your supply chain


If you’d like to discuss a project you’re working on, please fill out the form below. We’d love to chat about what you’re building.

We look forward to chatting with you soon.

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